The Turning Point

It was about this time that I began to experience not only revelations regarding current events but also visions! God put it upon my heart to keep a journal regarding any dreams, words, revelations & visions. Trust me, I had no desire to be awaken in the middle of the night to log entries on to my phone- I'm a busy momma, tired & like sleep! I'm doing this because the Lord asked.  

Please understand that during this time God has also shown me the difference between thoughts and "visions". I asked Him because I thought I was losing my mind! I do not know if there is any legitimacy or substance to any of these entries nor can I interpret them right now. Therefore I ask, as always, that you use discernment & pray! 

He has poured out His spirit & gifts not just for me but for MANY during this season. I believe this is for one reason- that we know & understand WHO is in charge. 

"Be still & know that I am God!" Psalm 46:10

Dream   Word      Vision

March 15, 2019

I went for a run on and I came home to this interesting figure in the sky. I do not know the meaning but I felt compelled to take a picture!  

August 15, 2020

Dream: Michelle Obama died in plane crash. Later, there was a storm and we were at our old house in Manassas, VA. Cars flipped over, daughter's bed tilted but she was asleep, son and other daughter sleeping with my son holding my daughter.

November 20, 2020

Word: "I AM God"

November 24, 2020

Dream: In what seemed to be a theme park. 911 emergency call for someone who broke shoulder but real emergency nobody paid attention to. Seemed like a demon dying but was a person. All we could do was pray for the soul because nobody would help. They were so worried about the person with broken shoulder. I kept calling emergency but nobody answered.

December 15, 2020

Dream: In apartment or something overlooking ocean. Cloud fell into ocean then a large man fell into ocean 🌊 causing a massive wave . Started to run other direction but an even bigger wave came from the opposite direction. Best option stay inside but woke up . Though I was reluctant the Spirit insisted I write this down.

December 22, 2020

Word: "Stay and fight. Your reward is coming"

December 23, 2020

Word: "God will Redeem"

December 24, 2020

My first Vision: "Last Christmas"- like the song, "R"
Angel waving American flag, Pope Francis

December 26, 2020

Vision: My ex boyfriend & then a gift from Mother Mary to me.
Dream: No room at Mass

December 29, 2020

Number 14 & 4 but mostly 14 Kept popping up including a scratch off tickets given to me from my parents. I looked up the biblical meaning of the number 14 & found a few things....

1- It refers to the numerical value of the name David in ancient Jewish numerology. 

2- The number 14 represents deliverance or salvation and is used twenty-two times in the Bible. The term "14th" is found 24 times in scriptures. The fourteenth day of the first month is the Passover, when God delivered the firstborn of Israel from death.

3-  Creation, world

January 2, 2021

Dream: At beach with family left to go hangout with cousin Amy. Tide coming up on house Massive crowd walking on boardwalk towards something???? Crowd chanted something like follow the Lord, He doesn't force your to love Him , He asks! Then Jesus appeared in sky. 😱 Went back in time to 2017 to warned others about 2020.

January 7, 2021

Dream: Car tilted to driver side while Allen was driving over fire started by a car fire I was able to even the car by putting weight on passenger side.

January 7, 2021

Word: Voice or thought- went to church to pray....Gave worries to God and heard something about Truth being revealed (can't remember exact words)

January 10, 2021

Dream: We thought we were driving north but were driving south. Almost Ended up Almost in Mexico but someone stopped us & flagged out car load to turn around. Stopped in gift shop newspaper said Trump looser Biden winner in Spanish.
Abortion debate with some people who are Christian but I had a hard time articulating & felt suppressed.
Tried to get out of this hell. As we headed north I was able to explain better.
2 different types of Covid according to my girls' step-mom. She claims that she had spiritual Covid.

January 13, 2021

Word: He has spoken through the prophets
* heard screeching screaming coming from an animal at Loud and lasted awhile.

January 15, 2021

Vision: American flag shaken by God. Bucket being poured out over world. Jesus .

Word: Yasuhua
Word: Mike will be ok.
Vision: world 🌎 spinning , view of las Vegas or some city that looks like it? Zoomed in on huge stadium then zoomed in on statue which looked like Julius Caesar but it was devil.

January 17, 2021

Vision: Jesus keeps wanting to give me something but I can't see what it is....looks like heart but turns into circle. Mary is also trying to give me something.

Started to have "visions" but thoughts took over.

Word: Mike Flynn

Word from a prophet which resonated with me at the time: "Be calm, in prayer and in prayer the Lord will deliver us. Glory to God"
Anything under God's control is never out of control.

January 19, 2021

Vision: Jesus keeps holding up something but I can't see what it is....looks like heart or circle. A Line?
Word: Insurrection

January 20, 2021

Words: Martial Law, Mike Flynn, Not what it seems. Nefarious
Vision: Jesus' Heart or Jesus holding a heart. At one point it broke. πŸ’”

GOD IS IN CONTROL and He has not forsaken us!! His GLORY will shine as He sweeps His hand through this nation & whole world. It's not time for doom yet.

January 20, 2021

Word: Biden is NOT the President

January 21, 2021


1- President emerged from another while both sides split and fell to the sides.

2- Birds picking at big one but all of a sudden they were eaten by the bigger bird.

3- Big giant foot stepped down & crushed them ALL

January 21, 2020

My 2nd daughter's Word: "Grandpa will not die, he won't" (He had Covid and was in a medically induced coma on a ventilator.

January 21, 2021

I either fell or was pushed to the floor while looking up act of 1871 & Constitution

January 22, 2021

Vision: something fallen & people try to catch..... things & people kept fallen.
Word or thought: turn off everything: no social media, YouTube etc focus on God for the next two days.
Vision: President Trump.....Mother Mary in background of all of this...

Word: Teach people about Me. Simple...


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