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God will speak. Will you listen?

I fail to listen to God when He speaks to me all to often. The older I get the more I pray for guidance in discerning what it is He is telling me especially during dreams, words & visions. My husband once asked me "What makes you so special that God speaks to you?" I explained to him that every one of God's children has the power to connect with the Creator! I believe God desires to speak to all of His children -if they are open & willing! My Spiritual Journal entries from January 2021- February 2021 listed below: 1/25/21 : I was in church praying and had a vision of something collapsing and people running away from the collapsing building. I saw AOC running in fear. Word: Teach 1/26/21 Word: Insurrection, Trump won 1/27/21 Revelation: Vision or "R" from last month is for Revival & reveal. In Church WORD: Focus on Me I will heal you. 1/30/21 Vision: My thoughts fought it but I saw chaos and shaking. Word: Dismiss 1/31/21 Dream: Allen and I watchi

The Turning Point

It was about this time that I began to experience not only revelations regarding current events but also visions! God put it upon my heart to keep a journal regarding any dreams, words, revelations & visions.  Trust me, I had no desire to be awaken in the middle of the night to log entries on to my phone- I'm a busy momma, tired & like sleep! I'm doing this because the Lord asked.   Please understand that during this time God has also shown me the difference between thoughts and "visions". I asked Him because I thought I was losing my mind! I do not know if there is any legitimacy or substance to any of these entries nor can I interpret them right now. Therefore I ask, as always, that you use discernment & pray!  He has poured out His spirit & gifts not just for me but for MANY during this season. I believe this is for one reason- that we know & understand WHO  is in charge.  "Be still & know that I am God!" Psalm 46:10 Dream     Word