And so it continues!

As stated before, I believe God desires to speak to all of His children -if they are open & willing! My Spiritual Journal entries from March 2021- May 2021 listed below: 

3/1/21 Vision: Tied hands - in bondage. A cross & Mary (Mother of God)

3/4 Vision of a man(Jesus?) Beating up man on ground. American flag. Sacred heart of Jesus.

After watching Medjugorje video I felt happiness peaceful, thankful and in awe. I closed my eyes and saw a ❤️. Then with a bit more focus I was looking right into the eye of Mary, Jesus.....I don't know.

Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that the situation is out of your control, surrender it to the Lord, and wait to see how he will help you.

3/5 I went to Church to pray & unbeknownst to me it was adoration! God asked me to bring Bailey (my youngest) to Him & I did.

Vision: Trump praying to Jesus- Pope Francis popped up

3/7 Dream : Bad guy attempted to get me and my youngest 3 kids. He portrayed himself to be good but was wearing clay & the clay fell off.

3/8 word: just when all seems grim

3/9 Vision: mother Mary....then skeleton appearing to be Mary.
Dream: party at my parents aunt Josie & aunt Angie call me in through garage door with a big cake.

On walk... Dogs barking at me. Walking down the sidewalk saw a fox so I crossed. I then crossed back. But it made me think that sometimes foxes get in the way of our paths and we detour but God always brings us back.

Word: judgement is coming

3/10/2 Vision of being in the sky ?

3/15- in church praying for the soul of Mary Sterner....word it is finished and go do your work.

3/16/21 In Church Word Lots of Life or full of life left.

3/17/21 Vision: people walking normally and then all of a sudden fall.
Man feet or rug pulled out from under him and fell to floor.

Dream: Skylar came into my room at night and said she got a spider bite

3-20-21 Word: Disorder

3-21-21 vision: 4

3-23-21 Vision: Mary/Jesus trying to communicate with me?
Dream: Chaos ensuing and evil revealed.

3-25-21 Dream: outdoor auditorium of people, angry people. They were angry that their loved one died but when flashed on screen they immediately had relief, peace 🕊️ lady looked at the screen and fought the outpouring of grace. She eventually came around.
Kept asking God about my time to share , He said not yet I'd receive sign . I was getting impatient and tried to take matters into my own hands. Directed to care for Allen...was told things are possible with God and what seems unattainable will come to pass. "Not yet" was the sense I had in the dream.

3/28/21 Word: Orange

Vision: Trump walking up stairs to plane.
Someone sitting on the outside of plane while it was flying....then they leaned forward & purposely fell out of plane. Looked like a skeleton
Crucifix , Jesus

Dream: driving in desert , went towards the crowd & found oasis for all people. Santa's workshop? Noticed the hotel was run down but it seems as though I'd been there before. A separate ocean for this in back of hotel. Entire family back at hotel ...showed some guy the beach because him & his friends bored.

4/7/21 Dreams: Hawaii Oreo cookies in piles laying around the neighborhoods.

Vision: hands pressing on glass as if they were trapped.
Mary and Jesus presence in my soul. Focus on cross. Sling shot kind of unveiling.
Word: Pray
Thought, feeling, word? Something not right with Allen.

4/22 Dream: Dog following me everywhere I went. In the was irritating.

4/25 Word.... You are mine

4/26 Word: Something that I can't remember, I was supposed to write down but didn't listen to God because I was lazy.....I think the word was "It is time" or "the time is now"
Dream but can't remember.
Visions of crosses , one cross with a heart lying on its side.

4/28 Dream: Catholic laity had rainbow flag in their office.
Vision: While praying In front of Jesus saw His heart- He giving to me.

Word: I'm coming
Vision: Jesus heart, spider crawling, Baby in the womb tiny baby,
Dream: traveling different states (don't know why) a friend came with me...
Stayed at someone's house and devil took over check out in store and devil turned to me and gave wink. Friend and I left ended up at YMCA in Clark, Nj . Was told every day is a clean slate and mistake will be erased. ...this mistake of mine didn't go away ...saw president trump - he very quiet but I told him thank you.... Things being settled and completed in background. Trump no emotion.....

Dream: in doc office waiting for doc
Big Baby in someone's belly. Skin translucent enabling those to see baby.

5/1 presumptuous
Dream: sister pregnant had baby but dropped her. Alissa came to me for help
I prayed lifted baby up to the Lord.

Word in front of tabernacle:
I am here, be not afraid, I am here .....I turned around and said "I know, that's why I come"
I love you.

5/7 vision : clearlyvTrump (saw head to toe when prior I'd standing's only see up to his neck) he got up and walked towards American flag- the flag appeared bigger....I then saw 2 people getting married & hugging each other. Directly
Proceeding this vision I saw the wife of married couple receive communion.

5/16 Vision & dream:
small baby in womb -vision in sky
Vision cross lasso & pulled away from altar
Menora on the ALTAR

5/17 word while in Church praying: I am Coming
Reoccurring visions crosses , American flag

5/18 Dream: Allen taken from me he wasn't interested in me. I was devastated and hoping that he'd call or show some interest in me. He gave me(through someone else) coconut soap .. I kept hearing God say to trust in Him.


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