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And so it continues!

As stated before, I believe God desires to speak to all of His children -if they are open & willing! My Spiritual Journal entries from March 2021- May 2021 listed below:  3/1/21 Vision: Tied hands - in bondage. A cross & Mary (Mother of God) 3/4 Vision of a man(Jesus?) Beating up man on ground. American flag. Sacred heart of Jesus. Thoughts:  After watching Medjugorje video I felt happiness peaceful, thankful and in awe. I closed my eyes and saw a ❤️. Then with a bit more focus I was looking right into the eye of Mary, Jesus.....I don't know. Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that the situation is out of your control, surrender it to the Lord, and wait to see how he will help you. 3/5 I went to Church to pray & unbeknownst to me it was adoration! God asked me to bring Bailey (my youngest) to Him & I did. Vision: Trump praying to Jesus- Pope Francis popped up 3/7 D ream : B ad guy attempted to get me and my youngest 3 kids. He portrayed himself to be good but w